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for newer software you don't need any enable CD for the Kodak Photo-printer 6800/6850/605. Strange that you still have an old 5.2 version on your kiosk while it is a G4. Update to version 2.x and you can use the advantage of actual calendars and new borders and for the input you can select how the customer will see the images: sorted by date/folder/all images.

The biggest advantage is that the software creats a backup of your installation. In case of aplication crash you can recover it in 30 minutes

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Kodak distributors should have it. You need also an initializing CD for it. If you can catch the new version 2.2 it will be included in the kit. If it is a version 2.0 you will need to order this initial CD version 1.5 or 2.1 (2.0) without this CD you will not be able to install the application software.

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Yes, its much newer.

The V5.x software was the very early software for the original monty and early picturemakers.

The Version 1.x and 2.x is the much newer software and is designed for the newer faster units.

We have version 2.2 on our G4 machines

Check the kodak.com website for updates and upgrades at


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how much does this software cost? can it be installed on a regular PC or only the g3/g4 systems?

The reason I ask is I am having trouble upgrading the firmware on many of my 6800 printers and there is a new firmware

only for the kioks units but the firmware requires that the printer be attached to a pc that has version 1.5 or latter software.

see this.


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