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Kodak G3 - print from network?


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Hi all,

I have recently purchased a G3 unit, works fine but will probably upgrade at some point (its a little slow, card reader out of date). I mostly want to print passport photos using the 6800 printer, currently using an electronic USB switch to switch the printer between the G3 and PC.  Want to move the kiosk to another location in the shop, too far for a USB cable.  Does anyone know if there is a way to network the G3 unit such that I can print to the 6800 over the network (bypassing the G3 software)?

Also have tried to make a USB port available to the G3 software so that photos can be read from USB sticks or plug in an upto date card reader but the G3 software doesn't seem to recognize anything I plug in, be to a spare USB port of the port used by the exiting kodak card reader.  Anyone know how this might be achieved?

Any help much appreciated!



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