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Problem with picture movie DVD installation


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Hi everybody!.

Good evenig to all people.Im newie in this forum I want to give the congratulations for this forum.

My first problem: :(

We are from Argentina and we have experienced many problems with the picture movie DVD installation.

we have tried everything with no success.

We have installed on G4 OS and GS OS and KPK V2.0, V2.1 and V2.2 and just when we install the enabler the hole application crashes and we have to make a F11 recovery to make it work again.

Please people!, tell me what am I doing wrong or tell me where can I get the right soft to install in any KPK version.

Any kind of help is welcome!...It`s driving me crazy!!!! :D

Thank you all and have a nice week


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Hi guys!,thank you for your response!.

Yes I do.I have downloaded all the patches that Kodak suggest but it doesn`t work.The only thing that I haven´t had in mind might be the power source and frequency and kind of motherboard inside of G4 OS-

Could you tell me the features of your equipment so that I can see the differences?.

Did you install on G4 OS and GS OS?.

what amount of RAM did you use and kind of mother,micro ?.

Please help me to find out why does not work!!

Thank you so much guys!

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