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Greetings all!

I would like to announce the latest BETA of our easy to use and FREE kiosk software. It can be downloaded here: http://www.serviomatic.com/beta/235c42da76eb05719abc32d8a70d73f9

The software is completely free with no strings attached. It's just our thank you to the community at large. Please post any suggestions or questions you may have in the relevant support forums here: http://www.serviomatic.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=6

Our web site is currently only available in Spanish, but we should rectify that in the coming weeks. The forum link above is for our English section.

The software is multilingual but currently only has English and Spanish translations. We will add more translations as time permits if people supply them.

There are some screenshots here: http://www.serviomatic.com/kiosks.php

Kind regards,

Serviomatic Systems, S.L.

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Hello Rowe!

I'm not sure what the Imaging.lnk and Getting Started.lnk problems are - we've never seen anything like that before.

As for the NilObjectException... Could you send us the database that's in %APPDATA%\ServiKiosk\ServiKiosk.db

What system are you using?

Could you close the kiosk and try again with the USB stick?

Many thanks :)

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Cleaning all others from memorystick and litle more happens. Read all photos ald load bar look ok but the information:

Plase remove the memorycard, cd or dvd to continue. And tehn message box by An exeception of class OutOfBoundsExceptions was not handled. The application must shut down.

Rowe  :o

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OK thanks very helpful.

some questions please.

1.When the media is scaned and all photos are uploaded, will they all be saved in a specific folder or only those chosen will be saved and the other descarted?

2.Can the media be opened aswell in folder type if any. Let say the client came with a pendrive and he got several folders in it. Can i chose to open only the folder from which he wants to chose the pictures.

3.It will be more help full to us if the selected photos with different size format will be saved in a folder with the format size name rather then having a list to check which file number and its size. Also more copies

of a selected photos is saved as many times the photo need to be printed.

Apart the system worked fine and easy to use. I will try it to my customers from this evening.

thanks again

jason axisa



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Hello Jason.

1. Only the photos that were selected to be printed are saved in a numbered folder inside the Orders folder. A link to this folder should be on your desktop.

2. Currently you cannot navigate by folder but this will be introduced in a future version.

3. Inside the order folder is a text file which can easily be parsed allowing you to run scripts which move the photos wherever you want. Our servers do this. ServiKiosk used by itself is really an entry level solution and the rest of our product portfolio is designed to enhance and automate much of the work flow.

I hope everything goes well with your customers :)

Kind ragards,


Serviomatic Systems.

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Awesome software , will be a sure hit as it is very easy to operate,

needs improvement in language support, controls,layout and few more improvements in fine tuning.

there should be a folder where we can configure our settings, and also the customization of its appearance should be allowed.

All the best to the developer , and also hope you keep it free software

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Hello Imagecolor!

Where does the language support need to be improved? The number of languages? If we are supplied with a translation of each element in the software, we are happy to add new languages.

I'm not sure what you mean about layout and controls needing improvement. Could you please elaborate?

The settings can be accessed by holding down the shift key while launching the application.

Regarding customisation of appearance, that's where the free part comes in ;-)



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few suggestions i can mention are:

the main screen should be customised according to the kiosk vendor. like his Lab or establishments name and logo or background picture. The screen is not centralised , i mean as soon as i click on start i get a screen  ServiKiosk and below i get insert memorycard/cd/d the rest does not appear. The screen is totally on left .and when the images are loaded they are on left .

Regarding controls they are very easy but there are no controls for brightness, contrast ,and few minor adjustments. I would suggest that you can add a auto correction button and a undo button .

Insted of collect tommorow there could be somthing customizable like 1 hour or what ever time the kiosk vendor could provide for delivery.

The currency symbols can also be customised according to the region and country.

The size format is in centimeter , it should also be customised to either inches or centimeter.

And about language , while accessing  the kiosk software somtimes we get spanish insted of english.

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One more simple suggestion

for the final phase i.e when the kiosk vendor is loading the pictures for printing ,instead of looking at the orders and searching for the extra print, it would be better if a copy or multiple copies of the selected picture were made in the order folder. It would be a great help for extra or repeat prints(copy) as the prints can be directly loaded to the printing folder instead of searching and loading them.

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Hi Imagecolor!

The kiosk software is designed for a resolution of 1024 x 768 - the most common resolution of touch screens today.

We will eventually offer a paid version which will allow customisation.

Colour adjustments is something we don't want to touch right now as there are various problems: the customer's perception of the colour, the monitor calibration, the printer calibration, etc.

Like I already mentioned in a previous post, there is an easy parsed text file inside the order folder. This can be used for scripting to achieve multiple copies, etc.



Serviomatic Systems.

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Hi, i'm italian lab . . . sorry for my English

I have 2 Kodak G3 whit 3212 dls and i search an other kiosk

I download the beta version and test: grat!


italian version?

loading is slow with many pictures

print size uncustomize with preview

and a program lacks for divide order by size on subfolder (i'm search tutorial for make a program with dos and *.BAT file )


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I tried the program. It is very nice.

I have a few questions.

How can I closed the program when stop work?

Where can I set the currency? I set our currency on the settings but when print the receipt appear Euro.

By the way I did the translation into Romanian and Hungarian. If anybody are interested I can send.

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