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Hello all!

i need your help please.

a friend of mine have a NORITSU CT-2 kiosk. someone use the recovery cd to restore win 2000, trying to resolve the problem. When i try to install the photo utility ( ver 5.50) i saw that do not support mobile photos ( bluetooth) and many other things. If someone have a newer ver of the program please reply.

Thank you very muck and sorry for my bad english writting ( i'm from Greece)

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Please my friend. Can you help me? I'm trying to help a friend of mine ( he hava a photo store you know). In the box i found a cd with ver 4.0xx of the program and another cd with the upgrade 5.5.xx ver. and oanother cd with "profiles" or something like that, i can not remember right now.

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Hi to all,

i've tried to istall the system new. Ver.5.51C

after the program start (ext_ctcall.exe) in startup..., System shutting down every time.

when i start cterm.exe manuel, the program runs.

What's my problem?

Before i install new system, i make a backup from all the files of noritsu, after i use the old files with settings.

Reason of new system HDD damage.

hope anyone can help me

best regards


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