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G3 Software upgrade 5.2 to 1.x or 2.x impossible..


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Hi guys,

First of all thanks for contributing to this forum as it means a lot to a great deal of people.

I have a weird issue with my G3 kiosks,

I've been running 5.2 for some time and I wanted to upgrade to 1.2, 1.5, 2.0 and all of them come up with an error. When the installation of 1.2 starts and when it finishes with the first cd it comes up with 1334 error, meaning i can't access cd no. 2 ?!?!?!?

(Cd's are in perfect condition so the problem is not with the actual reading of data)

And when I try the 1.5 and 2.0 version it asks for some initialization cd that I don't have.

Can some one come up with some solution as I'm out of ideas.


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Doi what frenchman says: If you have the original version 1.5 pack there must be included the version 1.5 initial CD. I recommend to recover your system then put the initial CD and then load the software. From version 2.2 on you'll need the version 2.1 initial CD.

Without this initial CD you cannot load software for example from a USB stick but it does more things like some patches for Windows XP or 2000.

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I've managed to find the init. cd v1.5 and the installation worked out ok but now a new problems up with the enablement. I've got a dls eneblment cd which is ment for a noritsu running dls but we've bought a frontier and I need the enablement for hotfolders option or Fuji frontier enablement.

Could anybody mail me this since the local distibutor is clueless what I'm talking about.

Thanks for the info!

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