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Kodak G3 upgrade to seem G4 ?


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Hi all,

I'm new italian user I have a Kodak G3 running v1.7 SP1 in my store.

I want to upgrade G3 to seem a G4 : I want to change CPU, motherboard, RAM, CD-RW and card reader with a fast DualCore CPU with modern motherboard, 2 Gb RAM, HD sata 160 Gb, 38in1 card reader slot and DVD writer unit.

I have a kodak G4 fist series original cd in my hand, but i don't know if it's good for my upgrade.

Are there hardware compatibility problem with G4 software ? I must buy particular hardware component ?

Can I upgrade with the last version of software ? If yes, where can I find it (via mp) ?

Thanks a lot for help.

PS: The kiosk is connect with Noritsu DLS minilab and works slow but fine

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hey mate....

no ones sure i dont think anyone has... ebay has kits for $900 with full instructions on how to do it...


u might like to check that out...

u cant download for free the latest version of the software v2.0 but u can buy it off kodak or a registered reseller...

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