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G3 upgrade fauilure


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well upgrading the g3's motherboard, cpu and ram, proved to be a big failure...

recovery disks fail for an obvious reason,

so i installed vanilla winxp, and then the application software over teh top.. so far no luck..

biggest problem was that the quad serial pci card... was causing the entire system not to boot (so that proly means no receipts :|

software wont start up... cause it isnt installing correctly..

Any one got any suggestions?


Everything thats already in a g4

changed cpu to e5300 dual core

motherboard to  Foxconn g31mv

added 2gb ddrII ram

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well actually :P its worked... i can place orders, do collages etc.. all works atm....

MINUS 2 things..

USB sticks = fail

the system wont boot with the serial pci card in it (the one teh receipt printer connects to)

so even though the g3's faster than a g4 now...

its usb doenst work and it cant print receipts... :S LOL

usb i think ill get eventually the one i cant get is why the computer refuses to POST with the "quad serial PCI" card in there? nothing no beeps nothing...

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