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Kodak G3 + SDHC


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btw: g3's had diffrernet models?

the back says they were made in 2003..

they're running V1.7

all the g3's innards are identical..

though they all are differen in terms of colour and slots..

some are slightly more orange than others, and some have infrared+sd+usb, and some just SD..

i ran the updates, im pretty sure they installed successfully.. but sdhc cards when i tried(even 4gb) didnt read at all.

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the yodate says it should do it..but it doesnt..

Installing the Q1 2009 Card Reader Firmware on the KODAK Picture Kiosk

Consumers are using memory cards with higher storage capacity to capture more pictures.

This firmware will upgrade the card readers of the Kiosk so they can read:

• larger-capacity SD, xD, and Memory Stick cards

• SDHC cards—up to 32 gigabytes

Install this firmware today so your customers can use these larger cards on the Kiosk.

1. Touch [setup], then enter the password if necessary.

2. Touch [install Software].

3. Insert the CD into the CD-RW drive, or the USB Thumb Drive into an available USB Port.

4. At “Software Installation”, touch [Check for Media].

5. At “Installation CD Detected”, touch [install].

The Kiosk restarts.

When installation is complete, the Kiosks restarts again and the CD ejects.

6. Remove and store the CD or USB Thumb Drive in the software wallet.

7. At “Installation Complete”, touch [OK].

8. Check the installation:

a. Touch [setup], then enter the password if necessary.

b. Touch [Diagnostics].

c. Touch [Application Health Check].

d. Check that “KPK G3/G4 Card Reader Firmware Q1 2009 F1” appears on the Application

Health Check screen. If “KPK G3/G4 Card Reader Firmware Q1 2009 F1” does not

appear, install the software again. If it still does not appear, contact KODAK Service and


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ok.... hjeres what happens when we try a new sdhc reader ..

if kpm = started up with the normal card reader, adn then cahgned to sdhc works fine..

if kpm starts with sdhc already in there... nothing works... :|

is there anyway to change the kiosk software so that we can make teh flash drives or something?

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