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Fujifilm Kiosk software suggestions


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Hi, We are using Kiosks (DPC's) with axiom and works imaging (or as called in our shop, worse imaging..) together with 2x Fuji Frontier 570 printers. The axiom software people no longer exists (old software, no updates or support), and the works imaging software produces images with very poor colour. These are all third party software used on Fujifilm Kiosks, giving us endless problems. We are looking to get original Fujifilm kiosk software to solve the problem, assuming that Fujfilm would develop proper software for their machines,but it is not available from Fujifilm in our country. We are also been told that fufjilm don't have software for there kiosks (still developing, code name TS), but this can't be, can it??? Is there anyone of you using original Fujifilm software on your kiosks? What are your experiences? Features, ugrades etc? What are the machines/software called? We will also be upgrading to MS software soon from FDIA v4/v5. any help or ideas appreciated!

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