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Kodak G3


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We have an old Kodak G3 and we are having issues with it. Had some corrupt databases which we were able to get off of another machine.

The main one that was giving us greif was EkcKioskFulfillmentService.mdb

Now the machine boot fine, does test prints and photo ID's but wont print single images.

Any one got any ideas?

Did think about reinstalling but we only have the version 4 disk. Can any one provide us with a v5 image?

I did notice that in the sysver.txt file the following

             KPM G3

             System Software Version Information

Kodak Image ID:               23A-06G1.gho

Console:               Slim

Dont know if thats the original image or the current one.

Any help would be apreciated.

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I recently had a problem with my G3 also...I found out you can call Kodak support for free help during the work day. We ended up doing dump and recovery...seems much better now, not perfect, but better than being out of order. The tech told me it's important to do a "clean system" often (like a defrag) hard to get to without their help. Call them at 1-800-832-4514

Good luck.

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