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Kodak G4 Networking from DKS 1530


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We're hoping to network our Kodak G4s to our wet lab.  However, based on the number of problems that occur with our DKS 1530 at the moment we need a contingency.  Is it possible to set up user controls so that we could have one set to divert to wet lab and the other to use dye sub only?    

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Thanks Frenchman.  Yes, we'd want to have the G4s connected to the wet lab (DKS 1530) and instant printers.  What I'm wondering is if the wet lab is down for any reason then can we switch user modes so the kiosk knows to avoid the wet lab and use the instant printers for all fulfillment?

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When the enabler and the function for minilab is enableb it's not possible i think to suspend momentary the service ,this service it's ever in service , i try to explain ,in the setup you choose the type of service , 1 houre service,1 day service, more than day service,this 3 possibility are implanted in the server (look the starup of the kodak software).

,for the printer is different ,you can suspend the service when you disconect the usb cable from the kiosk.

But in the setup/ user mode,customer preferency,retailer preferency ,disable if it's possible the minilab service, i not sure.

sorry for my explenation but ,i work with my memory only ,i have not a kiosk with me !!!!!

good luck frenchman

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