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kodak kiosk settings w/N3011


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I can't keep trying to reestablish the settings on these kiosks. Every time we get a k tech out here he tweeks em and none of those guys tweek the same!   ARGGGGHHHH!! They wont leave me any kind of list or info. Anybody out there work with these. I'm old Fuji from Longs to Kodak with CVS. I need channels for paper sizes. That seems to be what stops the orders at the net order door. >:(

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Please give a few more details in normal english please, this is not an IRC channel. What is the version of your kiosk? (lower left corner of the screen). Minimum QSS 30 software to work is version E001. You have to  activate NMC in option registration on your minilab and then in operator selection in print operation set net order to valid. Now you have available the netorder screen. There you have to setup the connection to your kodak kiosk. If you have an older version on the kiosk like 5.2 you need to export the print channels. Setup kiosk print channels at the end of your print channel list. Kiosk starts looking beginning from the last (highest) channel. If you work with metrics you need to setup the print length exactly (converted from inch). Ah, I forgot, you need the Non DLS enabler for your kiosk. Ask your dealer. If you need more details post it here and I'll answer as soon as I can.

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