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Photo me  E Staion print problems


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I have had a Photo Me system with 2 Mitsibishi 9550 printers for some time, Over the past 6 months the 6x4 printer cutter has started playing up, I'm curious to find out either if anyone knows how and if I can change the 7x5 printer to 6x4? the 7x5 has hardly been used due to the extreme costs of consumables from Photo Me.  Does anyone have any ideas?.  I would even consider buying another printer but have been advised that there's no way the machine would work due to the software changer that Photo Me do to the system before you buy it.

Many thanks

Mike :)

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I also have a e-station with similair setup and subsequent problems.

One of the problems I could not resolve, got an engineer out who didn't have a clue.

He scratched his head made several calls and pronounced that it would take him hours and hours to fix once he could work out what was wrong with the printer!!! - so I would be better off buying a new printer from them. Anyway I am digressing........

You do not say what the problem is - if it is that the cutter is not cutting all the way across and is labouring you should be able to get away with giving it a light grease but it's not easy to get to.

The easiest way I have found is to open the printer, remove the black cover on the door across the middle exposing paper path and cutter. When looking into the mechanism you will see a silver slide bar  that part of the cutter moves across (do not grease this) the bit that needs greasing is about 5mm below it. From the outside where the paper comes out from insert a cotton bud with grease on it up into the mechanism (you will need to mentally picture where it goes at this stage using the silver slide bar as a guide).

Or if you want to swap over, from memory .....

1, Put the 6x4 paper in the 5x7 printer.

2, unplug the 6x4 printer.

3, reboot the system

and I beleive it to change over itself.

If going on this route you will need to remove the 7x5 format in the e-station software once completed and working.

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