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Kodak G3 Kiosk with v2.0 software


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I just recently got my hands on another Kodak G3 Kiosk. This one is loaded with v2.0 software. I have one problem though. It does not send my customers files to my Noritsu 2711 DLS printer. Anyone have any ideas why? I can view the kiosk on my network and can even acces its shared files, but the files are simply never sent to the DLS printer. I have already enabled Noritsu DLS printer in menu and have put in the correct IP address of the DLS printer. Please shed some light. Thanks

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Thank you for the reply. Yes, I know what Frenchman was saying. Like I said, I did check the kiasserverSDK.properties and the 2711 ip address is the same on the kiasserverSDK.properties as it is on my network. Like I said, I have other kiosks that connect to the 2711 fine. Only this one does not. I can't see what I am missing.

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