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First Photo Kiosk, recomendations please


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Hi.. i just came accross this forum.. hope you guys can help.

I'm looking for a self service, custom, photo kiosk, that accepts cash and credit cards.

I've been in contact with a couple of manufacturers, and, at the moment it's a choice between this all in one, Mitsubishi one


and also a chinese company, that can build something similar... but has no software.

The Mitsubishi one is pretty expensive, over $1000, while the custom built one is around $4500.

Can anyone recommend a kiosk... and, if i go for the one with out the software... how easy would it be to get the open source xKiosk 2 software to run on it?

thanks for any help... hope i've been clear

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cheers. by the way, the Mitsubishi one's $10000 not $1000.

as for costs... from another forum, i believe each print should cost you between 10c and 15c... so, of course the choice of paper and printer/ink is very important.

as for volume i expect to do... i've no idea... the plan is to have a prototype up and running and see how it goes... just one of those, won't really know til i try things.

i got a quote back off the chinese crowed, just under $4000, which would be ideal.. but doesn't come with software, like the Mitsubishi one... so just wondering if anyone has experience on the software end?

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