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Older DPC's Support for USB Drives


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howdy , been a few Years since Ive posted (well months at least)

recently we faced a small Delmer regarding out old DPC Machines in our Store. They were pretty much the first ones out with the ELO touch Screens and Tricky Disassembly when one needs to fix one very major yet small SYSTEM Missing Problem that is renowned in windows 2000 Machines.

(Over coming this time consuming exercise)

the Next Problem we faced , was that the older card-readers were to slow , broke or became obsolete. No Problemo - we installed new ones and ensured that they were accessable via both windows Explorer as well as in the back end of the DPC software

SD = Drive d:

CF = Drive e:

etc etc and so forth.

however the current problem is that the card reader also has a USB device (Welcome to the 21st century v1.1) type USB connector.

Although it reads into widnows etc , one minor problem faced is that the Drive Letter is not fixed, and the drive mounts/unmounts when hardware is inserted/removed from the connector!.

hoping you understand all this .... I may have found a work around as such to remedy this problem, Read on below.

using a small program called USBDLM 'Google it', one can tell the system to assisgn certain letters to any/all usb devices even usb mult-icard readers can have individual drive letters for each physical drive.

by downloading and install USBDLM you are faced a small problem which is the usbdlm.ini file.

our .ini file comprises of the following settings.



as we have 2 front ports for oru DPC's I have Assigned X: to the hidden usb hub, and Y: to the cardreader USB port.



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I think you can do this in Windows (don't know which version OS the DPC uses)...

If is Windows based:

Plug in the USB card reader first.

Right click "My Computer", click "Manage"

select "Storage" -> "Disk Management"

Right Click the drive, select "change drive letter" choose a letter and it's done.

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