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Problem with Kodak G3 Kiosk


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I am having a problem with my Kodak G3 Kiosk and was wondering if anyone could help. The kiosk software no longer loads. When I turn it on, I get an error message saying that "One or more services failed to start and to contact a Kodak representative." The services that are listed as not starting are:

Print Fulfiller

Hard Disk Fulfiller

Cd Index Spec Gen Worker

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You should have two restore position, one with XP installation and drivers, and another position would be after application installation, this would be normal installation. Manual installation would not work, contact Kodak for Recovery CD.

You could try manually to reinstall the V1.5 application that you have, by killing the process from the kiosk (all associated, including hanging ones), using task manager, then go to new task, explorer.exe and start the setup manually.

Maybe you will be lucky and you will solve the problem without recovery CD. After this (if working), it would be good to make ghost image from complete hard drive, just in case.

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Well, guys, I have some great news! I was able to recover my Kodak G3 Kiosks. Here's how I did it. I made a Ghost Image from a working Kodak G3 Kiosk and made the CD a bootable. I then took the bootable CDs and put them onto the Kiosk that was no longer working. I booted from the CDs and restored the Ghost Image that I made from the good Kiosk and, viola!, I got myself a perfectly working Kiosk again! Yay me!

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Excellent work, I would suggest same thing for everybody who own a kiosk without Recovery CD.

By the way in the past Recovery CD was hidden in one envelope which was glued to the bottom off the kiosk. This was for G3, on the newer G4 Kodak is not giving the Recovery CD (maybe in some countries ?)

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