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Removing the Canvas & Gifts spalsh screen


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We have several Whitech Win2000 based desktop Kiosks, the black ones with the laptop type CD drive. They have Phototeller 7.5 installed, with Canvas Prints  and Gifting enabled.

Our problem is that there appears to be no way to disable the "QueryCanvas" and "QueryGift" splash screen that appear at the end of the ordering process. Over the Christmas period, these screens have caused nothing but trouble. They have tied up a lot of my staff's time, getting customers out of the canvas or gift areas where they have ended up by accident the. Since Gifts and Canvas products are selectable at the beginning of the ordering process, I see no valid reason why they should also be selectable at the end.

Anyone out there have any idea how this is done?

NOTE: We can of course delete the relevant jpgs from the Graphics folder in C:\Ceon, but the "yes/no" query page still comes up. We want to bypass those pages altogether.

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Thanks for your reply

I don't want to disable gift/canvases, I just don't them selectable at the end of the ordering process. They are just a couple of extra unneccesary "hoops" for my customers to jump through.

In my experience, customers never order gifts/canvases as an afterthought or an impulse buy. They come in with the express intention of ordering them, and always make that choice at the beginning of the ordering process.

I have asked Rob and his offsider Steven about removing these two screens, but they don't know if its possible, hence I am asking here.

I do have two other kiosks running gifting/canvases using the Beaufort software package so I may disable the gifting in the Whitech if I cannot get rid of those two screens.

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