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Preloaded U3 software USB's in kiosk's


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Hello all, my kiosk software is getting all sorts of grief from the recent "U3" pre-installed usb canned software.

DVD/CD drive is D:

Xp mounts the USB drive as D: thinking it is a CD, Kiosk software does the right thing and looks for the CD.  Then U3 mounts up the usb as E:, hence no images are found. grrrrrrrr

Is there a way of XP blocking the usb canned software creating this phantom D:, ?


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Hi Tia,

I have this same problem and another problem is that the U3-Directory also stops the pen from mounting at all on a MAC.

The only fix I know of to get around this is: first put the U3-Pen into any PC in your LAB. Then disable the auto U3 Startup.

This stops the U3-System drive from mounting and only mounts the data-drive.

By doing the above, the pen will also be recognized by Mac's. A bit of a pain but once you have showed you clients what to do, they will generally remember and turn up next time with the auto-start already disabled.

Hope this helps


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try to disable the autorun feature of the drives. if u are using windows XP. click start - run type  GPEDIT.msc ( group policy editor)  in  computer configuration-administrative templates-system- turn off Autoplay for all removable disks. may be this will help you. infact most of the U3 disks will operate by the use of autoplay of the windows system to execute their U3 interface.



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