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CT-2 Stand-Alone mode


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Dear forum members,

I have been given a chance to buy a used CT-2 kiosk for my branch store, half a city away from my Noritsu printer. My question is: Can I use a CT-2 as a stand-alone kiosk for order capture?. If the stand-alone use is possible, then I would either transmit the captured orders at day's end over the Internet or via digital media.

Is my scenario a viable one?, if so, how do I configure the CT-2 in order to make it work in stand-alone mode?, I have tried, but the CT-2 keeps asking me for a print channel file that I just cannot find anywhere.

Thanks a lot in advance for any help any of you can send in my general direction  ;)

Best regards,


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We have virtual net to other store where we have on CT-2 to use. One off us CT in us store runs like server and we pick up order from "Order CT-3 on CT-2".

This virtual channels cost litle, but gives us lot off orders.

I must see how we build up this later.

But after all, we are very pleased and us customers like it also.

Rowe (friendship1)

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You can set up a VPN for free using Logmein.com's Himaci system. We have a remote kiosk that points to the Himaci IP address of the server on our minilab. It does require the Internet to be running in the background on the kiosk, but the whole thing is quite seamless and very efficient. Not sure how the Noritsu system works but if they talk via IP addresses this system is really good.

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