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Kodak G3 - 2 questions


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Greetings everyone,

I have two seperate questions on the G3 Kiosks... last week our machine could not boot the MBR could not be found and the repairs using the windows 2K disc did not work.  Effectivly we had to reformat the entire machine keeping the structure of the drive intact.  However after installation of the windows 2K from an original CD and the install of ver 4.1 the system would not allwo keyboard input.  Does anyone have any idea how the re-install process is suppose to work.  I found a recovery disc I will try tonight but does this include the software and OS or just the OS and drivers?

second question does anyone have specs on the items in the computer section of the G3 if I cant find drivers for the machine.  Right now I dont have a keayboard operation, network card, video driver and device peripheral recognised?

thanks, such a wonderful wealth of information on this site.

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do you know your operating system W2k or XP ?

the recovery for your system it's very important ,don't use another recovery,for find the good recovery look back in the sticker of your kiosk.

you have  3 or 4 type of recovery in G3

D1U type for the first (bigest kiosk) kiosk with W2K recovery => 1.3T

5CU,B7U,32U (SLIM MODEL )                                                  3.5 LS recovery

MUM,LU9                                                                              XP SP1 recovery

KU1                                                                                      XP SP2 recovery



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this is  the total bios for pmg3 kiok kodak

BIOS Setup utility

     Connect a keyboard then power on the console.

     At the IBM Splash screen, press the F1 key momentarily.

     After approximately 20 seconds you should see the menu titled "IBM Setup Utility"


     Use the left, right, up and down arrow keys to navigate to within the Setup Utility.

     Press the enter key on the selected option you wish to change.

     Press the Esc key to return to the previous screen.

     Refer to the menu at the bottom of the screen for additional help.

BIOS / BOOT Passwords

     It is possible to configure passwords in the BIOS settings to restrict access and prevent the system from starting.

     Kodak do not use such passwords and they should not be configured on a customers kiosk.

     If the system prompts for a password when booting or accessing the BIOS, enter the password if known.

     If not known you can clear the BIOS to factory defaults by removing the 'Coin Battery' fitted the motherboard.

     With the battery removed for 30 seconds all BIOS settings including passwords are reset to default, password = disabled

BIOS     The default settings from IBM should be used for any settings except those specified below.

For the SLIM LS                    Monty

5CU, B7U, 32U, B2U, LU9                D1U, 64U,5CU

Main          System Time - check / set as required

System Date - check / set as required


          USB Setup

          USB Device Support [Enabled]


          Startup Sequence

              Primary Startup Sequence

          First Startup Device      [Removable]

                          Second Startup Device     [CD/DVD-ROM]

          Third Startup Device     [Hard Disk 0]

          Fourth Startup Device     [Disabled]

                     Error Startup Sequence          [Primary]

          Keyboard less Operation      [Enabled]

          Option Keys Display Style     [Legacy]

          Startup Device Menu Prompt     [Disabled]


          Plug and Play Operating System [Yes]


               ACPI Standby Mode - [s1]

          APM BIOS Mode - [Disable]

          After Power Loss - [Power On]


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thank you gents for the speedy update.  As of today I was instructed by kodak to return the item for reinstall.  To asnwer your question ngoprek I only discovered the 5.x CD's after the install.  This is why I was working to re-install the OS to start with 5.x and it just crashed.

thanks for the bios info frenchman.  I also needed the mother board info to see if I could upgrade the machine and install more RAM?

any ideas?

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with the 5.X version i'm sorry but use more RAM in the computer it's not verry better,because it's the kodak application the problem not the computer.

but for your computer it's PC 2100 DDRAM compatible IBM motherboard.

with the latest Program of kodak picture kiosk .  KPK V 1.X  it' possible to upgrade the RAM because it's not the same architecture and it's more used RAM and UC.

bye frenchman

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sorry for long time not to sign in.

hope this can help anyone who need help for this case.

for rychus1, as I know pmg3 can support ddr 333 mhz (pc 2700), but unfortunately motherboard can only support up to 2.0 Ghz. this is big problem for pmg3.

for software pm v5.2, I've covered it. it work faster when you upgrade your video card into 128mb.

once again, as what frenchman said, even you upgrade ram, that's not make application work faster significantly, technically, because structure of pm 5.x still use old structure, the program can't manage used ram by its structure.

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