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G4 / G3 connect to noritsu non dls


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Hi there,

I have been helping out a friend with his Minilab, he has a G3 that was talking to his noritsu, since an employee upgraded the software on the kiosk there is no lab options button or net print facility to be found on the kiosk.

Can anyone explain how this feature would normally work and why it might not be present?

Many thanks!


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do you have network connection with the qss printer

show in kiosk

1 => setup , diagnostic , verifing application , a list of option is displayed and look if the noritsu QSS non dls enabler V2.0 is instaled .  if => yes

                         if => no   instal the enabler for QSS non DLS

2) go to the network configuration in (setup peripherical ) look if the local area connection is running normaly  if => yes make test connection , in the control panel for area connection it's very importante that the file and sharing printer to be enabled (kiosk and qss system ).

   for this test, it's nessesary to know the IP adress of the QSS system .

to make print whit your it's nessessary to export your channel data in the kiosk.

for this operation

qss menu , extention , setup , channel setup and clic to the export button ( qss system generate a file in noritsukoki folder)

go to your desktop in the qss system

explore the noritsukoki folder and go to data,export and copy the file named chdata.csv.after go to favorite network,workgroup find kpm and paste the file in the order folder

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LAN connection is established and works correctly, File and printer sharing is also enabled and works correctly.

The two computers (G3 Kiosk & Noritsu) can ping each other and exchange files in a windows environment.

Where will I find the QSS menu on the Kiosk to export the channel data? As i mentioned, the Lab options button is not present.

Thanks again


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the noritsu enabler cannot be enabled as it is an install option on the kiosk software. you need to load the software in from scratch. and the kiosks will only share the dye sub if there is no lab connected, as there will be that function doesn't work!

if you find you can get it to share the printer, can you let me know how?


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Ok, this is all starting to make sense to me from various threads i have on the go. (My IT Background is windows server 2003 environments and this is all abit alien!)

So each kiosk has to have an extra piece of software installed? a QSS 'Enabler'/'Patch' - Can anyone point me in the right direction to find this please or is it an install option when you set the kiosk up?

I then export channels (available print sizes and mediums) from the Noritsu, locate the file (chdata.csv) and then paste that file into the orders folder on the kiosk(s)

Then reboot everything and keep my fingers crossed?? :-)

Thanks for everyones help with this.


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"quote: do you have the enabler for make the connectivity with your qss minilab - by frenchman"

yes, I have installed non dls enablement v2.0, and I use PM5.2

G3 and noritsu is connected ( I try to ping each other), printer sharing have been checked. but, when I choose to print, there is an error message ( when I checked status print, I click in right corner). I checked noritsu, there no order.

by the way, I use G3 KD version, and noritsu 3300 series.thanks

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for frenchman: hm, if you see serial number of order station (at behind of G3 unit, you will see barcode number and have text KD0...... --> that's mean G3 KD version. also for KDS version, then you will find KDS...., and so on.

for helper: yes, I have registered that folder on noritsu

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