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Hewlett Packard Kiosk


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Mnnn, have to check out a few Camera House stores to see if they have any of these installed yet. Most Camera House stores seem to have Fuji Kiosks so I wonder will the HP kiosks be additional or replacing existing kiosks? Also I wonder is it the full system they are installing with the HP printers or just the Kiosks?

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Have read an article recently about an installation they have at a store called Camera Action in Australia. I think from memory they had either 3 or 4 kiosks. I will look out the article and post it up if I can find it.

Someone said Snappy Snaps were trialing them in the UK? Anyone near a store that is?

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There are lots of people on the Frontier newsgroups in the US and Australia who have put these in. Everyone seems wowed by the kiosks and products but I wonder whether its at the expense of their existing minilabs. After all many of the items we can make now - only difference is that HP have packaged it really well.

I understand some of the chains are testing it now in London but their real emphasis is not us photolabs - more so the Dixons, Superdrug etc. These companies that have tried labs and pulled them out are their targets now there is a 'clean' solution that fits well with their sales of cameras, printers etc.

Someone said Snappy Snaps have some units in their London stores but still haven't heard which ones.

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