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Whitech Kiosk Problem

Teddington Photo Centre

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I must be missing something. I've searched the internet, yellow pages etc but can find no up to date reference to Whitech in the UK. Their invoice for the terminal (just over two years old) has a phone number which is not recognised. I've tried emailing Whitech in Australia but have not had the courtesy of a response.

The problem is that, after trying to sort out the software after a crash, the system asked for a password which apparently should have been given to us by Whitech but wasn't. In fact they left us with very little information - not even a manual. Once the unit had been installed, they seemed to be very lacking in customer relations.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


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Thanks to everyone who responded but the trail has gone cold. Both web sites lead to a Norweigian company called Digikwik, who presumably took over Whitech or had some involvement with them as their answerphone responds with 'Whitec International', and they make kiosks with 'Photo Teller' software.  However, they have so far failed to answer my answerphone message or email.

Any offers for a useless

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It's sad that Whitech have left you in the lurch - especially when we've had completely the opposite experience, although in our country we have an excellent distributor.

Try www.kiosks.co.nz and send an email to Rob Howse who owns the company. Rob is a great guy who supports Whitech in NZ, The Pacific Islands and South Africa. As you'll be aware distance is no object when you can log on and work remotely. He's been doing this on our machines recently and it certainly saves some stress.

Either Rob will be able to help or point you to the best contact in the UK to get a result

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I do hope this is not a blatent marketing link ,,,,

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