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we have a CT2 kiosk on our noritsu printer and I find it to be extremely limited in what it allows the customers to do, at least on our unit for some reason when selecting individual images to print there is an (other sizes) option for the user which shows the photo larger, but does not give them any option to select another size for that image.  is there somthing setup wrong with the kiosk or is that feature just incomplete at this stage??

additionally the user has no option to choose black and white or the likes, for this reason I wrote a small program that lets me press a button on my noritsu machine then upon entering an order number it batch processes the images in that order to B&W or sepia, I have had some interest in the program expressed by the supplier of our machines in denmark, how much interest in such a middleware application do you think there would be elsewhere?

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Thanks Dave, I had found the add function by trial and error, now I have also figured out how to enable the option for a customer at the start of an order to select 1 hour or overnight service (and adjust price accordingly),...  

however it seems to only give the customer this option 30% or so of the time, any clue why that would be happening?

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