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Kodak Picture Maker G3 Order Summary


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Hi All..

We have just purchased a used Kodak Picture Maker G3.

I have set the machine up and it is working fine but I was wondering if there is a way to print out an Order Summary each time a customer prints there pics??

When you submit an Order it just seems to go ahead and print, how would we know how many prints and what size prints a customers has printed



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That last pic is not our machine, it is a pic I found on the web a few minutes ago.

Our machine does not have the slot at all, the machine is identical to that pic except it does not have the slot which

leads me to believe that it does not have a receipt printer at all.

I will check for sure in the Morning

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Thanks for your help!!

There are a couple of these selling on eBay at the moment that seem pretty cheap so if ours does not have it atleast it will not cost the

earth to get one..

I checked the manual today and there seems to be some references to setting up a receipt printer but the options are not there

in the kodak software, perhaps these will only come up when the printer is installed


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Took the cover off today in the top right corner and sure enough this is where the printer is meant to be but it

is not there. I ran the Script you sugested and it nome comes up with the options to setup up the receipt printer

so I just need to get hold of one.

I called Kodak today and they were not much help at all so I might just try and get one of these used ones of eBay and see how I go...

I also tried to get it to burn a CD today and found that it checks to see if the blank disk is a Kodak Picture Disk and keeps telling me to

use an original Kodak Picture Disk. Well I thought I would see what the cost of these are and the Distributors wants $150.00AU for a pack

of 50 disks which is an outrage.

Do you know if there is any way around this??


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No way round it as far as I know, it will only write Kodak Picture CD's which are rubbish. You can only put 120 images on each  CD even if they're tiny files. We keep some in stock as some customers like the Kodak Picture CD's but we try to discourage them.

The Kodak Cds are just multi session cds with data already on them

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So they are not Blank CD's to start with then??

hmm, I thought they would be using some Media Code Specific disks..

If there is Somthing on them surely we can create an ISO image and leave the session open and recreate the Disks.

Instants Prints is somthing somthing we wanted to add for walk in customers, we actually specialize in Blank Media and CD/DVD Duplication and after checking what the disks Kodak actually use I was horrified

I don't have any disks to mess about with so I can't test, have you tried to copy one of the Picture CD's??

If it has an open session then it may well not be possible to do a direct copy but it may be possible to recreate an ISO image from it and then re-use it to duplciate some Media

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No the Cds are not blank, they have the Kodak Easyshare software on them and all other kinds of rubbish :(

Purely out of interest I made an image of one of them using Nero (199mb) and then burnt it back to a normal CD and it worked fine in the Picture Maker.

I assume though that to do this for customers would breach Kodaks copyright.

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Hi All,

I was wondering if someone can check a couple of things for me?

When your Kodak Kiosk boots up and it goes through the devices check screen one of the last things it checks

is the receipt printer, can you tell me what the Information Column says when it finds the receipt printer?

Can you also check for me if the receipt printer plugs into a serial port on the back of the Kiosk and if it does how many

serial ports are on the back of your machine?

I am told buy someone from Kodak that I also need to Install another Serial Port card in the machine, there is one serial port

on the back of the machine already but I need to know if this is the port that is used for the Printer


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No, it is not installed as a standard printer. Here is a screenshot of our device manager. Lava Quattro Port C must be COM3. There are 4 serial ports on the back of our machine but none are being used, I assume the receipt printer connects to an internal serial port.


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