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CT-SL after use comment


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Monitor smaller than CT-2

But the monitor can move 270 Angle as you like.  ;)

Software nearly as CT-2 version 5.0 but no support IrDA,  :(

Bluetooth not test yet.  (Sorry that my mobile not support BT file transfer  :'()

Software feeling faster thant CT-2,  ;)

The Software version now is CT-SL version 1.0.

Photo will be upload later.  :K)

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Hello there

We have 2 set of CT2 and now one CT-SL. First monitor is same size. Card reader is basic PC model so its not so customer frendly as in CT2. Price is low and speed is better. Also read DVD. No sound!!!!! Bad because when customer leave card in unit so older version says BEEB!!!. New style look modern. Us customer love us Noritsu kiosks, in us city is one shop who use AGFA kiosk, and one Fuji shop whos monitor is smaler and cardreader is also hard to use. Us customer only give us only a good feedback.

Today I still choose Noritsu.   GOOD BRAND

Rowe :D

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One usefull negative feedback


All us customers have used CT-2 to copy memorycards, Now one try CT-SL and suprise there is no.

I visited www.noritsu.com sites and there is Coming soon. Salesman dont inform this to us.

We belives to have new version off CT-2, no we have one who is handicap to serve us customers 100%.

Still like brand, but price for lessions are very expencive.


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I also got a CT-SL 52 kiosk machine along with the 3501i. I have the latest version and this actually allows you to write CDs/DVDs right on the machine itself from memory cards (It even tells you that the CD is full and to insert a new CD for the rest of the pics if the first one gets filled up). It has audio which will walk the customer through different interfaces all the way to the end, very neat feature like the Kodak G3/G4. It also has the option of duplicating a CD if someone walks in with a CD and wants to make another copy of it. Of course, it can also be setup with a channel so that CD writing is sent to the 3501i. Numerous print channels can be set, configured with different prices on quantity, time of delivery, title of those options, base prices, receipt printing or not, editing, frames and borders(purchased separately from noritsu) and a whole bunch of other options are available to set as valid/invalid. Even the interface theme can be changed so that colours of the interface reflect the different seasons or cater more towards women with pink or men with blue. Accepts all major memory cards out there. Sometimes has problems reading those USB keys that either have a password protect on them or they work as boot drives. Sometimes doesn't read bmp files. But the most I hate about is the editing part. A little complicated to use the crop/zoom feature and colour correction feature and don't get me started with red eye removal. It's not as user friendly as the Kodak G3/G4, but what I like is the part where the photos pop up really fast as opposed to the Kodak machines where they take more time to load, even on the G4. There is no upsell feature like in the Kodak asking if a CD needs to be made of all the pics or selected pics in the final stage(the CD option has to be chosen in beginning itself as an option), no photo gifts, no adding of text, no multi language option for the customer, the design and colour of the kiosk is very pleasing to the eye, although touch sensivity of the buttons on the screen has to be done at the corners of the buttons and doesn't work if pressed right in the middle sometimes, no need to use Kodak PictureCD, use any blank CDs to write, has a default promo flash screensaver that can be enabled/disabled or even a own flash screensaver can be used. Although not as user friendly as the G4, it's faster than a G4. Would I get another one in the future?, probably not, just bcos of the hard to use editing features and no options to upsell other photo gift items. It's a great machine for a customer to come into the store, pop his digital media into the machine, either choose all prints or select prints with quantities and finish the order in no time. It really is fast when images pop up for selection and that's something that I have noticed the G4, Lucidiom, Whitech, Fuji kiosks lack. If the pic file sizes are a little big, these machines take forever to show the pics for selection, but not on the noritsu, it's fast on that part. I also have a Mitsubishi DPS Click Kiosk that I use for instant printing and it has very powerful editing features and again really fast, it can be called a mini photoshop in that it has the clone feature and selection tools and paint tools. My customers are really amazed as to what the machine can do in seconds like fixing up a tear in the picture, taking someone/something out of the picture, powerful histogram for auto correction and different crop sizes. Although again not user friendly for the customer, I would do all the work in front of them. Lots of different layout size options.


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