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CT-2 problems


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I need help! If I prove I own a CT-2....will someone send/ftp me a recovery CD? (togo1)

The long story:

I am helping a friend fix their CT-2. But they don't have the recovery disk. It seems about a year ago Noritsu came to pick up an unwanted DP-411 and somehow made off with the disk/s for the terminal too.


I don't think they pressed the issue as hard as they should have....but now Noritsu says no disks without 400 bucks. DO WHAT?

I'll be darned if I'm gonna give em 400 bucks for something they took from us? (kickbut) And we bought the CT-2 from them, so it's not like they don't know we own one???

I have been fooling with CT-1 disks from another friend of mine but they don't work. (computermad1) (Maybe because of my Windows shortcomings) (bricks1)

Anyway I don't know what happened to this terminal but the motherboard and the hard drive are both toast. :o

I can cure those problems but all programming has been lost and I have no recovery CD.  :-/(nopityA)

BTW what's the difference (software wise) between CT-1 and 2?

Shouldn't the name by my star say nob? ;D

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You can copy them all day long...you still need a KEY to use it. I have the key on the machine from the first set of disks.

But anyway I have already loaded a new copy of windows using his old serial# and have a working box. Wasn't aware of the two partions though. >:(

But I don't have the CT-2 software in anyform. :'(

It doesn't have to be a recovery disk, if it's avalible without windows that would work too.

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The extra USB 2 driver disk is because the CT-2 MD has a pci USB 2 card fitted, as the motherboard only supports USB 1.1 and the MD unit (multi card reader) is USB 2, unlike the original 4 slot reader (YD-8V04) which is only USB 1.

Just for your info you can use the MD software on any CT-2 providing it still has the original card reader fitted.

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This is new software for CT-2-MD.

2 for recovery

1 for motherboard

1 for software

1 for CardReader (If you using CT-2 5 slot card reader)

if you want to use 4.X above version, you must have the original card reader or MD-X unit.

the CT Software cannot run sucessfully if you haven't the original card reader.

We try to use oem windows 2000 to install software, CT software 4.X / 5.X may not be run successfully. (cause designer made a protect in recovery disc)

And about the speed of loading image, we are now testing to add memory for the PC / or minimum windows function to speed up the loading of image speed.

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