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Fuji and Whitech join forces.

Mr Noritsu

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This may be of interest:

FUJIFILM Australasia Holdings Pty Ltd in the process of acquiring a 35% equity interest in award-winning

software company, Whitech Pty Ltd

FUJIFILM Holdings Australasia Pty Ltd announced today that it is well into the process of acquiring a 35 percent equity interest in

award-winning software company Whitech Pty Ltd - specialists in electronic point of sale solutions and market leading photographic digital kiosk and home ordering solutions.

FUJIFILM Holdings Australasia Director, Dave Marshall, said Whitech’s suite of Photo.Teller™ software is marketed with FUJIFILM’s Digital Photo Centre (DPC) kiosks which are now one of the most popular methods consumers use to order photographs in Australian retail stores.

“Incorporating Whitech software with FUJIFILM’s DPC kiosks has enabled consumers to edit images for immediate in-store printing and to also order such photo gifting products as fully-bound hard or soft cover Photo Books, Story Books, large canvas prints, personalised stationery, calendars, key rings, mugs, t-shirts and much more,” Mr Marshall said.

“Whitech kiosk software can also be customised for each retailer’s needs to accommodate all workflow management and output capabilities.

“The popularity of photo gifting in Australia is expected to follow US trends where this segment of the market is fast approaching a billion dollar industry, with sales expected to double in the next two years.”      

Mr Marshall said FUJIFILM has had a strong business relationship with Whitech, and the acquisition of an equity interest in Whitech was a natural progression for both organisations.


Whitech Software Solutions Managing Director and Founder, Steve Delnawaz, said FUJIFILM’s proposed investment in Whitech Pty Ltd indicates the commitment by both organisations to provide a sophisticated

fulfilment solution for retailers as well as a convenient and user-friendly selection of print ordering and photo-gifting solutions for consumers.

“Whitech’s award-winning software solutions have been an instrumental facilitator in the transformation of the photographic retail industry.

“Since 2003, Whitech has collectively won nine awards for its innovative software solutions and its creative business and marketing solutions,” Mr Delnawaz said.


FUJIFILM is a world leader in imaging, information and document technologies.  With a commitment to extensive research and development, FUJIFILM provides a leading edge range of products and services that incorporate proprietary technologies which contribute to the advancement of such fields as culture, science, technology and industry, as well as improved health and environment protection. Ultimately, FUJIFILM’s aim is to help enhance the quality of life for people worldwide.

About Whitech

Established in 1995, Whitech Software Solutions is an innovative Australian company that offers information technology products and services to retail businesses all over the world. Whitech specialises in industry specific and customised point of sale solutions aimed at improving the efficiency and profitability of its customers. Whitech Pty Ltd owns and develops all the software products sold in Australia and internationally.

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