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Noritsu CT-SL question -- Multi-Lingual ??

Big Dave

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Hi all,

Does anybody know if the Noritsu CT-SL is multi-lingual English / Spanish ?

I've got a very high number of hispanic customers that I need to cater to.

I've left messages with the Noritsu help line and have asked my local Noritsu rep, but it's been over 2 weeks and still no answer !  ( I'm not a very squeaky wheel... )

Was hoping one of you would know !

Thank you !

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Hi Dave,

I'm getting conflicting messages from several "trusted" sources, can you help ?

The CT-X software is what Noritsu uses for the CT-SL for multi-lingual, BUT that there are "issues" with the CT-X software and is NOT recommended to sell the CT-SL with the CT-X software, but rather some other software "front-end" for the CT-SL box.... I forgot what the name was... "p" something ?

Is the CT-X software really that messed up ?  OR do they just not want to sell IT to me ?

I was rather looking forward to seeing the CT-X software as there are no local shops with it that I could visit and demo.

Could I possibly purchase the Whitech software and install it on the CT-SL box ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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