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Hello All My name is Kel and I am from AU, This is my first post so be gentle. lol

Is anyone aware of any online software that is wedav based, not ftp, where my clients can log/upload direct into my instore server via a link from my website. Being an indepentant out let I am trying to release my online customers from the grip of Whitech. I am so over these companies helping themselves ongoing commisions from my customers.

I noticed a pro lab (Ithink) some where in the UK offering this service, but I lost the link....

TIA, Kel

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Have you had  look at the Xkiosk project?? You can also do this via .php scripts etc, do a google for somthing like upload .php scripts, there are a number of free ones available. You can also get web based FTP client software, which also may be an option to think about.

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