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Lucidiom APM - greeting card templates


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I have downloaded their sample pack for CreativeCollections addon. It looks like you can use any template you want, you just need to formulate your own XML file to work with each template.

I'd like to incorporate our Noritsu templates onto the APMs themselves. From looking at an XML, it looks like it's just measuring the distance from the sides of the cards to mark where the 'box' is to drop the photo into.

Has anyone had experience adding your own templates onto an APM? We're running v4.1.0 - latest version of the software along with the CreativeCollections addon. Thanks in advance!

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Sample XML:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
               <rect left="0533in" top="0417in" width="4907in" height="3260in" index="1" />
               <rect left="5817in" top="2620in" width="2043in" height="1310in" index="1" />
               <rect left="0417in" top="0450in" width="3260in" height="4907in" index="1" />
               <rect left="1400in" top="6747in" width="2043in" height="1310in" index="1" />

Attached are sample templates - I converted them to JPG from PNG so the forum would accept the file sizes.

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Do you know what the template generator is called? And what the filename is? It's possible we have it, but I'm not sure. We bought the 1003 model kiosk and just recently upgraded to get the CreativeCollections addon. We did not receive a CD with anything to my knowledge. I downloaded their FallPack2005 and am using those as samples to setup our regular templates from our Noritsu 3101.

I setup 2 templates tonight manually by using photoshop and measuring with the Info box to get the dimensions of the photo and text insert box. Took about an hour to get 2 templates working by editting the XML file manually... ugh. Dozens more to go, this is going to be painful...

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