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xKiosk Web Demos now live


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Great work from Shal and his team :) The xKiosk Web demo is now working fine and dandy.

Have my test site running at http://www.btonlineshop.co.uk/xkiosk

This is going to be a golden opportunity for you to offer web based print ordering.

Any one here, and there are a few of you, that have web hosting from me, the xKiosk Web script will install very easy for you. And you should not have any problems ;)

If you do not yet have web hosting, or you need a web host that will offer you more than enough web space, and much much more just get in touch with me.

My hosting site can be seen at www.aniceplace.co.uk

Good luck boys and girls  :D

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Thanks Neil,

nice work. all my images are large, so the experience took quite a while, and my fine images where rejected for being too big (>4meg j-pegs)

Nice editing tools, and nice shipping payment options - how will payment be collected ?

My lab can only offer while borders.

do you have any pricing plans yet ?

I had to upgrade my flash player to v9. Will corporate / work firewalls or administrator settings prevent some users from uploading with this tool ?

Keep me informed


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This is only a beta version.... The upload, will only handle file sizes as set up by the script.

You have options from the admin section to alter most things inc borders etc. A payment module will be available in the final version.

For the Flash player, this is just a standard upgrade, if a PC user is on a PC (corp) then the IT staff should have the latest version of Flash running.

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