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What I need to do is IP passthrough.My network is DHCP but on my webserver (mac) I set DHCP with a fixed address. And my FTP sever is set to DHCP with a second fixed address. (so web requests are routed properly) All the other computers are set to DHCP to ease seting up the network.

Am I guessing that a windose don't do DHCP with a fixed IP #(to let the web request through to the CT-2)?

So to do IP passthrough functions with windows the router needs the mac address to route passthrough? Or does everything have to be fixed addresses?

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Yes on macs the software can do static DHCP. Pretty cool for fast network setup.

If I set static on the PC....Any or both....while my router is DHCP......No box win or mac can see it talk to it or anything.

But I don't need to set DNS named while DHCP so maybe adding those will make static work. Thanks for the help.

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If you set the win box to DHCP (obtain an IP address automatically and obtain DNS server address automatically) then type ipconfig/all in the command prompt, it will give you all the IP addresses that DHCP has assigned.

Enter these addresses into the network settings page, network should work.

If it doesn

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