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I am looking for a kiosk at reasonable price (Whitech is a bit pricy?) At the moment we are using Xkiosk, which works well, but the customers wants to do fancy borders and stuff. Any other suggestions? (I'll still have to import it into South Africa which makes it more expensive considering our currency).

Great job on the forum (see that we have a lot of simmilar problems this side)

Hope that this ends up where it is suppose to be.

Thanks LJ

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Check out www.kiosks.co.nz They are ex. pat South Africans who sell and support Whitech in NZ. I have lots of their Kiosks and these guys would definitely be the best suppliers we've ever had. They will be aware of the import costs etc. into SA and would be in the best position to advise you. Rob Howse is the owner and you can get him on +64 21 605 787

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Whitech's software is available in South Africa from Fuji SA and from LABCARE (+27 82 324 5640). Labcare has agressive pricing, and will probably be better than importing directly, there is a lot of extra sales than can be made to customers if the kiosk software is setup is configured to best suit your market's needs. I'd reccomend contacting Iggie, at the number above - he'll be able to give a few extra ideas as well.

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Hi the whitech kiosk/software  is rich in features,can be configured and customised with your branding and is the only cross platfrom solution that I have found  works without problems. It has powerful backoffice features in which you can build customer data,provide home ordering and get digital orders back to your store etc.

Worked as tech for Fuji  4 years ,Agfa 12 years , labowner Agfa Dlab2 (2 years)and done outsourced sales for Kodak (sorry G3/4 is Ok for Kodak Stores only Noritsu/system88 and DLS  other options are available but Kodak SA will not sell or support stores using equipment and product from other suppliers. The system cannot be customised can only burn Picture CD's with single sessions etc...)

I can  also help with workflow solutions,paper profiling,Photoshop automation and package printing setup -Agfa, Fuji, Noritsu(not DLS) Konica and other services.


Iggie Rautenbach


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