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Kodak G3


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Our G3 has started to keep all customer orders from mobile phones?? So when we go into the prints from mobile option all prevoius are there as well as the ones the customer transmited. We now have a running total of about 100 prints. Does anyone know how to clear them off???

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i have seen this once before on our g3 however the problem disapeared once the g3 was restarted. is it a DS1 (instant)? if so try this? open the cupboard and remove the bluetooth dongle at the back of the cabinet and re-insert it. if its an LS head you will have to remove the back blue part and remove and insert the bluetooth dongle.

other than that:

go to setup, device setup, network setup, a windows dialog box will open use the up folder arrow and get back to my computer, locate e:\temp, and find the bluetooth folder and delete the image files in there, also try deleting all the other temp image files in those directories to.

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