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Noristu CT 2


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I had no idea what does that do?? I love the kiosk, but at times it seems sooooo slow. It drives me nuts. I almost pound the counter waiting for it to do something. We will have to buy mor of these in the future. Anyone has a Whitech and any comments?

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fotoart, are you running a CT1 or a CT2?? we have little problems with the CT2 for speed??? Have to say out of all of the other kiosks I have seen and had a little play with, like bgchet says, the whitetech does look like the better..

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Hi All

We have three Whitech's running alongside Agfa E-Boxes, and Image Boxes. This has given us a great opportunity to see which works best - for us, and our customers.

The Whitech has some fantastic features, but the editing functions happen after selection, which frustrates alot of users. Also, their screen graphics leave alot to be desired, and don't encourage customers up to the Kiosk. That said, they are fast, and never fall over after the customer has spent ages editing!

We are trialing the new Lucidiom based Agfa software on our Image Boxes. It's fast, user freindly and looks good. Their applications work well with Noritsu, so check it out before commiting to any more Noritsu kiosks.



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yes have got one....have just installed latest software....very good indeed...graphics look almost reasonable (we are talking Noritsu here!!)...can do multiple sizes in one order....can cope with our banded pricing (0-30 one price 31 -99 another price etc)...also customer can zoom and crop.

ct2 is stupid price though (was pt of my orig equip before I knew what I was doing)......is there a clear leader out there???

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