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Noritsu CT-1


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We have been running a Noritsu CT-1 for a couple of years, and have to say, we have been very pleased with it. Nice and compact unit, easy to use for staff and customers, and does the job it was designed for.

It has also been very reliable with only one very small problem that we have had, and we managed to fix this our selves.

On the down side... It is now slow, when handling large image files. The PC, that drives the CT-1 is pretty crap, and low spec. We have had to purchase a number of card reader adapters, for many of the newer memory cards.

Wish list for this unit.. It should be upgradeable, with ease, the mother board/processor and hard drives etc, should be able to be replaced with ease, this is not the case.

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We have a number of adaptors now for the CT1 and the CT can handle every card we get in no problem :)

OK for the speed.... Try a couple of things... First close down the CT1 get in to Windows 2000, you need to clear all of the junk..

Click start, progs, accessories, then system tools, look for the link that says "Disc Clear UP" clear all of the temp files,,,

OK, then from the same menu, do a defrag on the C and the D drive.. Doing this will speed things up a little for you.

The card reader on the CT2 are *UGLY* like horrible... You can get a 15 in one card reader, that does the job ... *tut tut* Noritsu for not doing this ?

The CT1, you can also use the USB port, to plug in a external multi card reader, then configure this in the set up menu.

Shame that no one is told that you can do this, and also that you can get the card adaptors to handle ALL of the current cards on the market, with NO need to upgrade.

I have in actual fact been playing with the CT1 software, and on a faster machine/spec, you just would not believe how fast the CT1 software runs.. in fact I would even go as far as saying it is just as fast as the CT2!! *FACT*

So, in short, we should have an option, that is an easy option to upgrade the CT1. Cost? well new mother board, processor, ram, couple of new and larger hard drives, less than

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    Not sure if this applies, but for a while (mid-2003) CT-1's (Ver 1.01?)

would intermittently lose communication with the correct slots on the card readers. It was somekind of a Win 2000 thing, it would somehow unexpectedly reassign usb drive letters on bootup...they had us defining the USB drives from Z: on backwards (instead of E: F: G: etc), sorta seemed to help. Never really got the whole story...

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