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Dyesub VS Minilab


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OK, after attending the PMA show in Manchester, one interesting "debate" was about kiosks. As we know, there are many options open to us, from kiosks that "talk" to our labs, to the stand alone units running dye sub printers.

My own belief, is that if you have a minilab, then the kiosk should feed your lab with work? as in my humble opinion, it is very easy to do, cheaper, better quality, all prints colour corrected, you use more paper, so this helps with discounts, normal film volumes have dropped, so you have the time to print digital files, you can offer a while you wait service, even on a minilab.

The "Kodak" well should I say the "Kodak Express" *yawn* view is that I am wrong with my views. OK here is the deal, the claim is that I should use the Kodak Kiosk, as it will be better for me?? eh?? We have a chap on these forums, where he left Kodak Express, and they would not supply him with the material for his Kodak Kiosk?? Right, OK  ;D

They say I will make more money??? eh??? I am still trying to figure that one out?

They say, I can not offer an instant service on my minilab ?? eh, it takes less than 5 minutes to get prints from my kiosk to my customer??

They say it is easier.. mnnn, so a customer orders say 150 prints, and you have to change paper/ribbons on the thermal printer, not a problem on a minilab.

They say the quality is good... mnn, I am still to see a kiosk, that colour corrects shots. So, on the minilab if we have a light/dark magenta/blue print, we correct the balance to give a quality print, but the dyesub/thermal just gives a what you see is what you get result????

Plus, with a dyesub/thermal system, you can only purchase paper/ribbons from one supplier, so you are in danger of a price increase, or even the product being taken off the market? With a minilab, you have the options to what paper/chemistry you can use.

I was told that the Kodak Picture Maker, that I used to use was not a "Kiosk"  ;D OK, it was not in a bright blue and yellow box, but the mechanics are/were just the same  ;D

So, in my humble opinion, all I could smell from Kodak Express, was even more bull shit, that I used to listen to, and they do seem rather keen to get there members not to print on minilabs?? All a bit like the advice from Kodak Express a number of years back, that you should not print 24 hour work on your minilab, and instead you should open an account with KPC, for them to do the processing for you... Yea right  ;D

Now, are my beliefs to the extreme, are is the advice from Kodak Express correct ??

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Every other manufacturer supplies kiosks to link up with your minilab as this is the best, cheapest and probably the fastest way to produce diy prints.

Has anyone told photo-me about Kodak's views?

They make Kodak's minilab and supply a very good 'kiosk' to link up with it. I don't think they'd be too impressed to hear what Kodak said to you.

W##kers  >:(:o

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