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340 Problem, replaced a control unit  


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On my Frontier 340, I have replaced a control unit FC4011 with FC7011 and I don't have the right recovery disc. I have version 1.00 which seems to only do the FC4011 control unit. The new FC7011 was having difficulty and I kept getting a communication error. I used my recovery disc ver 1.00 that came with my FC4011 and blue screen. I am hoping that relaunching version 1 or 2 of the 340 system software with my floppy back ups will correct the communication error. Any ideas on how to do a recovery without the correct recovery disc? Thanks.

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Not getting any feed back any ideas would be greatly appreciated, I have tried a second HD, a spare 40Gb (the installed disc is 80Gb) and got the same blue screen. I have looked at the disc and it makes the four partitions needed so, I am going to try CHKDSK to see if it revives the disc. I wonder if it is best to first load Ver 1 and upgrade to Ver 2 and Ver 3 of the system software?

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I have managed to get the PC working by putting a copy of WIN2KPRO on a HD on another computer and using 2 HD's on the FC7011. In the absence of a "Restore Disc", I have not been able to determine a chip set for the FC7011 I have it working as a PC but the fan remains on constantly. I have not yet tried it in the Frontier 340, hoping against hope that some one might have an idea for me?

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I have now got a restore disc "Ver1b 29/10/01 but looking at the manual on the CD, it does not mention the FC7011 (seems to be for the Equium on the 350) any one know if this will boot the FC7011?

I would really,really appreciate a reply from anyone who knows?

Thank you!

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