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340  (B-SHG) ploblem


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Can you help me, I have  ploblem in frontier 340, only a few days when I start work, apkip printi comes without the yellow color as in the image 01, then when i restart a get apkip as the picture 02, after 3 time is stabilized, and today is show up error2522 - Excesive Blaser (B-SHG) Curent detekte.

A can know wich are a  ploblemi laser or AOM


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I too am facing the same problem (Error 2522 - Excessive B laser (B-SHG) Current Detected) with my SLP 800 machine. Tried to adjust the Optimal temperature of B-SHG but error is generated and cannot get results. Same with G-SHG as well. Cannot adjust G-SHG Optimal temperature. It runs, but does not show any result even after running for a long time. When the error occurs, printing is not possible, however, sometimes if the machine is re-stared it prints. How can I determine whether it is the AOM or Laser problem?

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Can be laser head, LDD, their power suppliers or wiring  faulty. If you have errors on B and G probably will be LDD, power suppliers or wiring.

Can't be AOM driver. Current errors are not related with AOM or AOM driver. By the way - on 340 synchronization works on green beam, so even with B AOM channel disconnected you will not have any errors ( of course color will be missing ) . 

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