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S1, S11, S13


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Hi to all.

I'm new to this forum, i just found it, and it's amazing and as i can see the posts its very usefull.

Before 2 days i had HDD failure on the machine where SP2000 is located.

I own Frontier 350 printer with SP2000 scanner, so i replaced the hdd and installed XP operating system, however, i found out that i'm missing the system cds, S1, S11 and S13 so i can;t proceed with installation, so anybody can please help me and provide these disks ?

if anyone needs, i can provide:








and s12, i use to have s1, s11 and s13 also but i can't find the disks' so if anyone is willing to help i'll be really gratefull.

thanks in advance.

you can send me the links by pm or by mail:


Best regards.

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