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    First install windos XP Pro on claint PC with computer name FRONTEND01 and user name FRONTIER password FRONTIER.

Set IP address.

Install EASY SCSI.

Install MS12 with server name FRONTEND.

Install MSDE.

Install C4C5 ver 5.5 with server name FRONTEND but don't restart the computer.

Install patch file for win XP and restart the computer.

Install patch file for multi DIC.

After this you are able to send the picture direct from C4C5 and Photoshop both.



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    Here is the information.

1)EZ SCSI:   The complete name of this software is Adaptic EZ SCSI ver 5.0. To get FE-OUT on fuji software for image export you have to install EZ SCSI.

2)Patch file for win XP: Through this patch file you are able to run C4C5 on windows XP.

3)Patch file for multi DIC: Through this Patch file you are able to connect multi DIC with main server and smooth working condition from multi DIC. This patch works only with C4C5 ver 5.5



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First question: is possible send me a patch 5,5 for Win Xp pro, thx --> vladimircd@interfree.it

The patch run om c4c5 italian software?

Now i traslate other questions and post  ;)

ok, questions traslate:

Hallo everybody, I'm brand new on thi s forum and hope to find someone for a suggestion on C4-C5 software for Minilab Frontier 330.

I' read the FDI 5 Version does not work at all or very bad on Windows XP. It could be necessary to install 5.5 patch. Is it free? Anyone can give me the link to download it please?


I've read also something about MSDE to Microsoft SQL Express upgrade. Shall this to let working well 5.0 software on Windows XP or for 5.5 on XP or to let 2 PC working on the minilab? Thank you very much for your help.

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Hi people.

My first post here, i found this forum great! High specialized knowledge and people wiling to help!

I have a question. This process you talk in this topic works on Windows Vista 64bits or Windows 7?

My Windows Vista can "see" the F350, but he ask for drivers that i can't found on Fuji website.

Please, be aware than i'm new on this minilab thing.

One more question: C4C5 install CD is suposed to come with F350 or Fuji just install it? I ask because my company bougth an used minilab.


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