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Frontier 340 Error 2618- Heater Turns Off(H406)


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I have a Frontier 340 and it has been having paper jams. When the paper jams I get the error messages E2618 and the Drying section heaters (H406) turned off. I then have to turn the drive back on to push the paper out then turn off the 340 and then turn it back on. I have also noticed some of the paper coming out not jammed is stuck together and still wet with water. I just finished printing a major job and I had to select one print at a time b/c if I picked two prints at once I would get a paper jam and the Drying section heater would turn off.

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There are so many reasons. In the pre entry to the wet section, there are rubber pulleys or bands, check that they are aligned properly. Take out each rack and turn them manually to see if you have a print stuck in one. It is possible to have one stuffed in a rack and still the printer lets prints trough.I have often seen them in the very bottom of a rack. Then its circulation, does the tank solution "Bubble" when the rack is out? If not you may have a lazy or non functioning pump. Are the "in tank" filters clean, replace them or at least clean by forcing clean water trough them in the sink. It is also possible to have paper stuck in the drier section, also there can be something out of place there slowing up the prints? If you force drive the printer with the cover up, be prepared for the heater to activate the safety off. It means that you need to unscrew the dryer grill and press the little red button. My money would be on a rack somehow slowing the prints up passing trough, if there are no colour changes, then its most likely one of the wash racks. the 340 is a great machine and one of the last before the inbreeds came along, does fantastic black and white and is very efficient and quick. Because of its configuration, the cleaning and service has to be meticulous.

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Hope you guys have been able to resolve the issues.

We are having the same error come up on our Frontier 370.

Before this issue came up fully (machine basically switches off after 3-5 minutes), the heater stopped working and the machine was used to print without the heater on. This lasted for several weeks. Then the machine gave up!

After cleaning and checking all the switches and cables we have kind of identified the 'possible' problem could be from the power (Alpha 400 -- MA4000001D).

The error 2618 comes up. Machine stays on for few minutes then switches off. Does not even let us perform set up.

If it cannot be repaired by us novices, could anyone be able to tell us who would be the best port of call to repair the MA4000001D?

I am based in United Kingdom.

Many thanks for your help.

Best wishes,


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