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Frontier 340 powers off after 30 seconds...


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I have recently moved a frontier 340 and set it up and it worked with water in the first night, the following day, it switches off after 30 seconds? The control unit (pc) does not switch on automatically on starting the machine but can be started manually. also no power going to the screen and that can also be started with an external cable.I can start the PC manually and it can't find the scanner section as the printer does not initialise. Any ideas anyone? Thanks for reading

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Just to update, I found a blown component in the Alpha 400 power supply. I have just learned that it needs a restart sequence which I am going to try today. Lamda have confirmed that the Alpha 400 is discontinued and the one that is used in the Frontier 340 is prefaced with "MA" which signifies manufacture in Malaysia. Repair is done back there and Alpha 400's from the UK would have different signal outputs.

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Problem solved (for now anyhow) I rebuild my Alpha 400 from an old one I picked up. I now move on to a new problem, I have replaced a control unit FC4011 with FC7011 and I don't have the right recovery disc. I have version 1.00 which seems to only do the FC4011 control unit.I will start a new thread.Thank you to those who posted, Biginja1, Alinok and BigK.

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J'ai un problème de démarrage avec mon Fuji 340, j'appuie sur le bouton de démarrage au bout de 45 secondes la machine s'éteint, la pile du CTP 24 est chargé et ses voyant s'allume 

J'ai changé alpha 400 et sa carte DENSEI-LAMBDA


Vraiment toute aide sera la bienvenue. Merci 

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 I have a starting problem with my Fuji 340, I press the start button after 45 seconds the machine turns off, the CTP 24 battery is charged and its indicator lights come on

 I changed alpha 400 and its DENSEI-LAMBDA card

 Really any help will be welcome.  Thank you

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