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p2 heater thermostat activated - formation


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Hello All, I have been having this problem for somtime, i understand that the solution is to clean/ replace the filter or clean the thermo sensor rod near filter or even clean the heater. Every time i have faced this problem i have performed one of the above actions and the my 370 starts working fine.

However my question to all the experts is how do we stop this formation on filter/Sensor or heater? here in bangalore it is very difficult to get engineers/experts. one of the engineer said that this formation is due to low output (My output is 100-200 6x4 prints every day on an average) please help me how do solve this so that the does not arises in future

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Further addition to the above question, can frequent changes in temprature setting (for example for couple of times i had lowered the temprature setting due to hurrying customers so that i can start printing and give them a quick delivery) lead to a confusion in software and give this error of thermostat?

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Hello Vinay,

I got the same error several times. In my case it was always cleaning the heater that solved the problem. First drain P2 tank in some clean containers and filterthe solution with some cloth. Clean your rack and tank and most importantly, take your heater down and clean it on the inside! Change the circulation filter. That should work. It did for me.

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Check that the circulation pump is working efficiently. Have a look inside the hole that the filter comes out of to see that the chemical bubbles you can compare the strength to one of the wash tanks. If it is weak, you may have a blockage in the pump or in the bottom of the tank where the chemical comes in from the pump.  The previous post about cleaning the rack and tank is a good idea, bleach gets full of silver after 6 months or a year and needs changing, if it takes longer for the bleach to heat, is an indication that this may be a problem. Bleach will still do its job even when it is close to being wasted and if the tank is not cleaned properly including the filter area and pump, you will have problems with the consistency of the chemical. How is your water there? Do you use water filters? You may need to treat the water before mixing with chemical.

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Did you get a water filtration tower with your machine?Clean water is a must have.

there is a filter in the tower that removes metals etc from the water, Also as previously suggested, get inlet water filter housings, these will remove all the grit from the water before it gets to the tap.

If you can get more water jugs and leave them overnight with a FRC rinse purification tab inside, that would kill bugs in the water.

I would also check the tapping on both the printer and scanner ( does the power going in to both match the rating).

Do you have a problem with a high drain in your neighbourhood at certain times of the day? I once operated next door to a restaurant and at lunch time, my machines went funny. I had to upgrade my power into the building to three phase albeit that I run my machines on single phase, the KV value that I needed was not there with high usage in my neighbour hood.  

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