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Frontier 370 problem


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The first run image abnormality analyzer and look what you see there. Also check rams on FMB20, fire-wire cable and all other in image transfer circuit ( FMA20, FMC20... ) . Are you running FMPC or have typical application ? if you work without FMPC fault can be in scanner section too. If configuration is with FMPC it will be in printer or FMPC only.

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thank you for this response,

i work without FMPC, and also, the scanner (films) is not working from a long time.

there is an importnt note some one tell it to me : 3 months ago, i add a ram (128 MB) added to the standar ram (256 mb). can the ram added cause this type of problem

Note : Test print is very fine and good

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I have seen this on a 390 if I was doing a big print run and I would restart my scanner and printer, some times letting it without power over 24 hours. I have also re-installed the software and it seems to help, if you do this, make sure to back up the system information for the scanner and printer. I never got to the bottom of the problem, but I think it may have something to do with static energy and earthing on the firewire board on the printer.I don't think increasing the RAM would cause this.

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