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R-Laser of Frontier 550


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It can either be memory



Power issue

or a software glitch.


Therefore try the following

Make sure your backup disks work ie you can copy them to the PC and onto another disk.

If you have an SP3000, remove the image box from both the SP3000 and printer, swap the memory sticks across (SP3000 has 2 and printer has 1) and see if the printer comes up.




on the printer image box, there is a backup switch, flick it to OFF and switch on the printer.  If it starts up then you know that you'll need to reload software back onto the printer.


CTL23 downloads data to the image box and to the LDD23.  If successful then you'll get more dots and then it will go to start up.




open up the bottom side panel (where the paper is, you'll need to remove the huge panel above it) and check that you get the square of LEDs on the side.  If you don't then you might have a problem there.  Maybe the Alpha PSUs aren't giving all the voltages.

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