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Will Pay for help with upgrade C4C5 - MS01 V3


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The Win2000 computer running C4C5 is dead. The C4C5 software came as a Ghost image for that Dell computer solely. So, now we have another PC running WIN XP SP2 and want to get things going.

The installation manual is not so helpful, and does not say what to do at the Scanner Computer (network name: \\FRONTIER).

We got "write to cd" to work, but printing is still down -- sayin that Upper and Lower paper feeds are empty, witch they are not (and printing directly from film using the scanner works perfectly).

What I think is the problem, is I reccon the FRONTIER computer needs some update too, but I cant find it on the MS01 installation disk.

Beggin' for help of any kind.

Best Regards

Dax from Iceland.

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You do need to install something on the scanner computer, but I am not sure exactly what!  With my 330 you used the MS01 disk in the scanner and did the 'scanner' install.  If you do this on your SP2000 it will install something different that is used for an FMPC connection and I don't think will give you a tethered connection.  If you can get the proper firewire cards, an FMPC connection where there is another computer between the scanner and the printer is the best way to install MS01.  Trouble is you need specific firewire cards (search some of the older topics on this board) which are hard to obtain.  

This brings up another point, however..  MS01 is very difficult to install and setup properly.  It took me several tries to get everything working properly, and that was with an official (meaning I PAID for it !) copy and tech support from Fuji.  The newer versions (like 3.0) are easier to set up, but it still isn't something a novice should tackle.

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We have (Frontier 370) the firewire connected LP2000SC printer and SP2000 scanner. It's running on an old toshiba computer with SCSI extended PCI box with the firewire cards.

Used to have C4/C5 running on Win2000, but the motherboard died, and all we have is a Ghost image, solely for that specific computer. It doesn't work for our new asus based i3 computer.

We have the ms01 software, and have tried installing 2 firewire cards (just any cards, not the specific ones).

Our setup is now:

LP2000SC firewire connected to the scanner computer (Old Win NT Frontier 5.5 version).

SP2000 firewire (i think) connected to the same computer.

New Win XP computer as the DI Workstation, running MS01 software (installed as a teathered print/scanner). Network connected to the FMPC.

What works: We can send a filmscan to the MS01 for CD writing.

What doesn't work: We can't print digital images from MS01 on the LP2000sc and it's just like it's not connected at all. (No difference if its turned on or not). But in the MS01 software It shows up with green dot, like its all connected an all, but in admin it says: Upper (not loaded), Lower not loaded, like there is no paper, but ther is paper.

So it works one way, but not the other. N.b. we're using the old WinNT4 on the FMPC (frontier scanner computer).

2 computer total (to make myself clear) :)

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Sorry I didn't read the whole story, so you did purchase the software already.  

So let me try help you on the MS tethered installation, is actually really easy.  Before installation, I'll first make sure that the network only contain the DI and SP computer which connect to a single switch/hub.  This save you lots of problem on network issue.  You can connect everything back to your original network after.

1) Setup your DI, especially IP and name of DI.  Install (MS01 Server with Tethered Printer Installation)

2) backup scanner data, recover the scanner and install A1 scanner software.  Make sure your scanner and printer are connected (if you can see the solution temp then you should be fine) after the reinstallation.  

3) Install the (MS01- Scanner) on the SP computer. Most people didn't work because they haven't install the MS01 -scanner function on their SPC.  By just seeing the LP printer on the DI doesn't mean that they're connected (Kind of stupid, because they always online under tethered connection, only way to check is that if you can see the magazine).  

4)  Finish, restart and connect the DI under  SPC setup menu

5) Setup print size

Have fun  ;D

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For C4/C5 to work, there are lots of conditions to be met on the pc. This information is given on the start of the C4/C5 Manual. There are only certain CD drives that work as internal (DVD drives can be added after, as external) There are also  conditions to be met like drive partition. If a Japanese manual tells you to do something in a specific way, you will have to do it that way eventually so, follow it to the last detail. There are some drivers needed also, for CD writing SCSI etc. I see no advantage in using XP over Win 2000 Pro. as you will be looking at the DI software anyhow. Unless you are using the image controller for other things, which may be why I once got in trouble and had to rebuild!

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